Poetic Soul

Being a poet and/or a writer is not necessarily an occupation. I believe it’s more of an innate part of your nature, bred and not born. There are people who are poets inside and some outside, and the only ones who’ll get you are probably going to be fellow creatives; after all, they’re all poets in their own way.

Where am I going with this? Nowhere in particular. Just thinking out loud. Speaking of which, a couple of old lines I once put down, remind me of how much art has helped me get through. it’s the idealism which keeps me same and the valve within my brain.
Here’s the poem, and no, there was no girl involved….just random emotions

Did you know
the words that you said
Kept me up
All night in my bed
They fought
A war in my head
And now
All my brain cells are dead

So now
Get over yourself
Look at me now
Pull me down from your shelf
Cos I’m
In love with you now
Don’t close your eyes
I’ll still be around

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