Reflections of a Dreamer

Looking back, as I often do, I remember how much of a dreamer I was. I would sit in class and just stare up out of the window.

My teachers, God bless them, didn’t know what to do with me. Dreaming was my hobby, ailment and cure (which prolly explains why I came to love sleep that much ). The love of reading which my parents bred into me didn’t help much either, it just gave me a million worlds to run away to when my mind wandered (like I hear they often do In Bolton)

It’s been an interesting journey so far, dreaming has made me a better designer and my experiences have given me focus. I see big things in the future for our startup, 4th Repvblik and a lot of those can only happen with dreams which we work towards transforming into reality.

I am creativity
I am design
I am the man who doesn’t see
Boundaries in lines
I am the future
Cos inside my mind
I see the beauty
In seeking the fine

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