Old Post: Heartsong

I finally remembered the blog in which I wrote the full original lyrics to the song I used in the previous post, ‘Poetic Soul’. The title is so cool too, ‘Heartsong’. Enjoy…


Did you know
The words that you said,
Kept me awake
All night in my bed
They waged a war in my head
And now
All my brain cells are dead

escapes with each breath
as I come
steps closer to death
Your eyes
I wish I could reach
But the stars
push me down to the sea

I guess I
will relax in my dreams
As you
Say goodbye to me
Weighed down
by the hurt you don’t see
Oh how I wish
that we’d finally be

So girl
get over yourself
look for me now
pull me down
from your shelf
cos I
am in love with you now
don’t push me out
I’ll still be around

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