Words I’d never say

I liked u to start with
Even from a far
Like a comet, a shy kitten
And a brilliant star

I don’t when It happened
I can’t tell why I did
But I love you so strongly
Its a way That I live

I love u knowing
You may never feel the same
But I’ll love u regardless
Because ‘just friends’
Is worth all the pain

I love that u get me
And that u don’t have to pretend
That I musnt explain
Before u laugh or u grin

And I was just joking
When I called u my eternal Isis
My new neferteti
So it struck me quite strongly
That I really meant them as true

U may never see this
I may never tell
But these words burn so painful
Writing this is hell

I don’t have to pretend
Try not to act like a girl
Or be afraid when I say stuff
U will tell me I’m weird
…cos u already know

I know why we can’t be
And I know where U’ve been
But I love u so strongly
That I wish wishes would win

Loving u is like breathing
Done before I think
And when he hurt u
I guess that I cried just a bit

I love u because
u know who u are
But u didn’t mind
Helping me find myself

U’re smart and u’re beautiful
And caustic as hell
But U let me get the upper hand
I know, cos it tells

The man who u choose
Will be both blessed and cursed
Blessed by ur presence
And cursed by me
if he fails to be there

Loving u is like
water, fire, earth and air
Elementary and basic
Stays with me everywhere

you’re strong
even though u hide
Away deep inside
I’m glad that U’ve been there
Thankful U’ve been kind

Loving u is like faith
Defies logic and rules that I’ve made
And grows even bigger
…in heat
Kinda like cake

I may not be
the love of your life
But I’d love to be ur
Bestest best friend
Till the day that I die
….cos knowing how I live, I’ll prolly go first