This is why I hate:

I hate because some things just go against my grain.
I hate when people who are driven by an –ism forget that some of us aren’t –ists: racists, rapists, fundamentalists, and chauvinists.
I hate that my faith has become a religion of people
Who have forgotten the meaning of love your neighbor as yourself.
I hate that I am not more:
Amazing, focused, loving, driven, forgiving, believing and giving.
I hate because I’m frail, human

This is why I love:
I love because my faith is one of love,
One of peace and understanding.
I love because I am in love with love and all it’s forms;
Passionate, tender, brotherly, reciprocated.
I love because it’s lovely to be in love.
I love because there is a whole world of things to love,
Not just people but also:
Ideas, images, perspectives, creation, food, art and life.
I love because I’m human, but love; it is divine.

This is why I fear:
I fear because the world around me is imperfect.
I fear because of the children
and the future they’ve been given:
less love, more greed, more pollution, less free, less conscience, more need.
I fear because my mind gets negative.
I fear because of:
death and ends and entropy and disease and injustice at every corner.
I fear regardless of faith and love.
I fear because I’m human, and as I live I fear.
This is why I hope:
I hope because sometimes hope is all I have.
I hope because it’s a rope that connects faith to reality.
I hope for the world,
that some things will become less:
poverty, fear, hate, rape, division, violence and disease.
I hope for:
Africa and Asia and Europe and America and Oceania.
I hope that hope drives men to be better.
I hope that a dream comes true each day,
If not mine then some others.
I hope that humanity survives.
I hope because I’m human, and sometimes hope is all I can do.


This is why I write
I write because I love to,
Though I hate it just a little bit.
I write to bleed my mind before it explodes;
Free it of things like:
Hope, love, dreams, ideas, perspectives, fear and hate.
I write because I can’t not create.
I write to think, and thus to be.
I write not because I’m human, but to remain human.

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