This, could be beautiful


Like moons and stars and waterfalls

Like orchids and fields of buttercups

More or less so,

A little more though,

But really, it could be beautiful


This could be real, real good


I’m not talking physical

Passion after all, is emotional

I know, ‘cos I’m sure

Even if you are less so

But this is much more than mere chemicals


And, damn, you know I want this


As bad as an addict who is going cold

As bad as a memory I want to hold

Isn’t this odd

I haven’t felt this before

I want to be with you when I’m growing old


Damn, God knows I want this so bad


‘This’ poetry based on an extract from a song I wrote (not because of a girl people; just because). The italicised bits were pulled directly from the hook of the song. Most of the first two verses came to me as I was brushing my teeth this morning.

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