Making my Second Book Cover

Over the last week a friend of mine asked me to do a ‘logo’ for her Christian fellowship. She’s pretty… very pretty, so of course I said yes. This was the first draft, I tried to keep it simple:
TLC 1st Concept

Apparently simple was not the way to go. She said the design was too simple. She needed it to be more ‘busy’: flourishes and florals and stuff. Well, busy isn’t really my thing, but I tried my best. I wasn’t surprised when she rejected the result:


I ended up passing the work over to another dude (I may have lost out on a fine girl’s number in the process. Well…que sera sera).

I repurposed the work for my own book cover:Silver Eyes Cover‘Silver Eyes & Golden Torcs’ is a learning experience for me. It’s dystopian science fiction which doesn’t use most of the elements that I’m used to: no¬†distortions in reality; no deus ex machina; more death; more mature content etc.

You can read the scenes for ‘Silver Eyes & Golden Torcs’ on Wattpad here:

Serializations will be posted only on Wattpad, (maybe FictionPress later on… can’t tell yet) please follow me on Wattpad ( @kwesiwoode ) to receive updates on my work.

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