The Bachelor’s Ballad


Romantic Poetry with a dark, macabre edge. In retrospect, I should have posted this on Halloween. Ah well, better late than never.


Many Loves have I had
More loves have I lost
Many times I have wanted to hang myself up

Dear Ivy
So lovely
Picked up her saw
gifted me with slashes
wide, bloody and raw
and into those wounds
without second thought
deftly she sprinkled both pepper and salt

Many Loves have I had
Many times I’ve been wrought
The seas cannot hold all the tears that I’ve lost

O bright eyes
so stunning
Such a beautiful smile
well she led me on
for a league and a mile
and when I got to her end
with a wink and a grin
she broke me to pieces
then broke me again

Many loves have I had
More memories of pain
Sometimes I am shocked,
that I am not yet insane

O queen of the Volta
she led me astray
took me to heaven
for a year and a day
but when she was through
what did she do?
dropkicked me to Hades
and bid me adieu

Many loves have I had
More roads have I trod
I shifted my faith, to drink and to drugs

Mary J
how she loves me
she lifts up my bones
and Her?
she never let’s me
overburden my soul
and when I am through
dear Bailey so sweet
let’s me hold her tightly
and sets me to sleep

Many times have I loved
so much harm I have brought
My heart is all shattered
and it’s mostly my fault

I have loved many times
but now I must go
too much sorrow,
no sunshine,
so I had to move
and it hurts me to say
I wish I’d never let go
of that perfect, rare diamond
my first, young, true love

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