DreamHart Introduction

The following piece is from the introduction of what was supposed to be a writing exercise. The narrative, you may notice, is far more casual and conversational than I usually use in my fiction pieces.

I’m going to start out on the pre-writing for it and see how it goes. If it’s too similar to something I’ve already created, I’ll probably end up scrapping it.

I think I have a problem, but I don’t think I can solve it.

I think I have a problem, but there’s no one I can talk to.

I know it sounds cliché, but I have always known I was different. Not different like in a “Harry Potter, the boy who lived” kind of way. But different in a subtle, don’t fit in with the world way.

Okay, let me be honest. I don’t think I was always this way. Wait. Was I?…

Nope, not if memory serves me right. Childhood memories can be a bit tricky though, so I guess that leaves room for doubt.

Sometimes I have an echo of that dream, it’s a little bit distorted though. Like ripples from a pebble thrown into a pond…

By that dream, I mean the dream that probably marked the point at which I changed.

Maybe that’s why I have an unnatural attachment to comic books and manga. I probably looked to them for explanations, a way to find myself.

Manga are cooler than comics by the way, just in case you think otherwise. If you do think otherwise, you might need a lobotomy. I’m not being mean or anything, don’t get me wrong, fact is fact.

Now, where was I?…Yeah. I said I am different. In a weirdly awesome way though, nothing grossly weird like an extra mini-boob or a teeny penis or anything.

My awesomeness is in four parts, brace yourself…

First, I can see behind myself. Like literally. I only do it when I want to. I don’t know how to explain it, it’s like trying to describe how you wiggle your ears (which I can also do, in case you’re wondering).

Let me see… Aha! See like how even when you’re looking forward, you can expand your field and make use of peripheral vision? Ok. My peripheral vision is better. Unless I’m reading or totally focused on something, I am totally un-sneak-up-on-able.

The second and third bits are even better than the first. I can hear for miles and see smells.

I read up on it. The term for ‘cross overs in sensory perception’ is synesthesia. Cool term huh? I think so too.

The super sharp hearing is annoying though. The number of times I’ve had to lie about not knowing a secret? I can’t even begin to count. It helps that I can hold the hearing back. Like how you can focus your sight far away or close up, unless you are far or near sighted.

The final spot of awesomeness is physical. I think my reflexes are ok, well… I haven’t had much of a scale of comparison. But I can run forever. I was the athletics queen of my school, and I didn’t even try. I skipped training like crazy and I spent most of my time indoors, reading or sleeping (that didn’t do wonders for my popularity with the team, trust me).

I aced almost every track and field event I tried: hurdles, sprints, long distance track, high jump and pole vault. I admit that things that need brute strength like discus and javelin were a bit out of my ball park, but besides that I was pretty perfect.

So, my quadrofecta of perfection again, in case you weren’t paying attention the first time: 360º vision (or close enough), synesthesia, ultra hearing and kinesthesia.

I’m not a super hero though. None of that nonsense. I’m not even a hero, much less a super powered one. Before I knew exactly what was different about me, I was just an oddly blessed non-hero type secondary school girl with an extreme affection for Japanese manga.

Ok, I was ordinary until I ended up being the object of a top secret international man hunt. But that would happen later, much later… and it wasn’t my fault. Well , not totally.

My story is like none other that you have heard. It should be, because it’s mine, not some fictionalized something you’d find on a bookshelf somewhere. But I must warn you, if you want to follow my story, you’ll have to do something first. You have to suspend belief. If you can’t do that, I’d advise you stop reading right now.

I will tell you my story, a story linked that of thousands, or possibly millions of FeraSouls not unlike myself, and I’ll let you decide for yourself whether our cause is just.

I will take you on a journey of how I rose from an obscure developing nation at the centre of the world (quite literally at the centre), to the throne of the DreamHart, leader in spiritus of the Faunus Nation.

I will tell you of how being me affected my ambitions to practice medicine and estranged me from family. I will also tell you of loves I gained and lost and lives that slipped away on my journey.

Sometimes my story will be a gripping page turner, and maybe sometimes extremely boring (my life is not necessarily a 24hour action movie).

I am the first DreamHart to become a public figure, so maybe, just maybe, the story of how that happened will be worth your time.

In order to keep this story unbiased, some chapters will be written by my dear lieutenants and allies. Some chapters will also be accounts from the perspective of my detractors and sworn enemies (I have grown to learn that these two groups of people can quite frequently cross ship without so much as a ‘by your leave’ smh).

Before I blow you away with what I, at least, believe is a saga of very epic proportions, I’ll give you a moment to go hang your disbelief out on the line, curl up on a couch and put your phone on silent.

Are you ready? Good. Let’s get this started then.

My name is Desire Dela Anatsui and I am the Primus; Alpha of Alphas of the Fauns and master of six elements. Some call me the Queen of Chaos, some call me the Black Rabbit and some even call me ‘That B*tch”, but you can call me Dela. This is my story.


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