SEGT Scene 2 Preview

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life

-Pablo Picasso

5 days to go…

Aya, the left half of of my heart, the right of part of my soul, is leaving me.

I fear she isn’t just leaving me. She is leaving any chance of an US.

Am I being selfish? Maybe I am. Those who preach that love is selfless baffle me. I want to be selfish. I want to be selfish so badly. She doesn’t have to leave does she?

She would gesture that I’m being too patriarchal. Toeing the line of the Manuals: women should support the peoples workforce, yet remain submissive to male authority.

Any normal girl would accept the Manuals as what they are supposed to be: Gospel. They are our replacement for the decadence of Religion. Proctors show us how they improve our lives, make us better people, a better Republic.

But then again, Aya is anything but normal.

She is brilliant, beautiful, funny, vivacious and talented. She talks a thousand words a minute making up words and forgetting them the next day. She questions everything and sings overly loud even though she can’t carry a tune.

Aya is a lot of things, but she definitely isn’t normal.


As promised, a preview of the second scene. Note that this is a sample from the second stage of my writing process (fast-writing) the final version is subject to change as a result of post-writing and review.

Check out the first scene from Silver eyes and Golden Torcs

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