Stronger: Version 1

[insert sample from Ne-Yo hit single, ‘So Sick’]

[sampled] I’m stronger

Oh yes I is
my grammar may be off
but understand just this
I hit hard and I don’t  miss
Just like this miss I kissed
and I’ma do it just like this
show you how we is…

[sampled] I’m stronger

And I was born in this town
Sun will shine everyday town
Rain might fall anyway town
So I know how it might go down
That might mean right now
So I don’t slow down
[sampled] I’m stronger

Heart pumps blood like a piston
Mind shoots sharp like a Wesson
and I ain’t stressing
I’m just proclaiming my blessing
African child and I’m repping

[sampled] I’m stronger

Oh yes I is
My skin may be black
Don’t mean that my mind is
and you will never pin me in,
Cos I’m as bad as sin
Hit me hard
but I keep up my chin

[sampled] I’m stronger

Oh yes I is
so I wrapped it up
and brought it back to your crib
Just a little something
Show you how I think
so connect the dots and form the link

[sampled] I’m stronger
I’m stronger than this


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