Stronger – Version 2

‘Cos I’m stronger

Yes I was born in this town
A rain might fall any day town
A sun might shine any minute town
So we get down
Cos we might rise any moment now
And that could be right now
Can’t put me on lock down

‘Cos I’m stronger

My skin is black
Doesn’t mean that my mind is
I dream dreams
Yes, I dream big
See now that is the thing
When you’re convinced
That you’re born to sin…
sit up son!
Tell them how I say it is
I was made black
and I was made to win

‘Cos I’m stronger

My mind kept sharp
Like a weapon
My heart beat hard
like a piston
Shoot words like bullets
Speak high intellect
Maybe a little high
With the spirit
No I ain’t bragging
I am just saying
I’m blessed man
African child and I’m repping

‘Cos I’m stronger
I’m stronger than this


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