Give Me Love – Poetry in Two Tongues

The Following poem was actually written in my local Language, Akan/Twi. The Translation below it embodies as much as possible, the feelings of the original words, as well as trying to maintain some form of poetic meter.

Spelling guide:

  1. ae – pronounced as if you’re saying the letter ‘i’
  2. ó – Like the o in god
  3. gy- a soft j sound, like in jerk
  4. ky – like the ‘ch’ in chips
  5. é – eh, like literally, saying eh. Or the e in keg
  6. hw – like the schw in schweppes (that is literally the closest sound I could think of).


Ódó kasa
na mengyae su
firi sé wonkoaa
na wo fata me do
hó ne hó yi deé
mempé o
ka kyeré me o
ka kyeré me o

Ódó bra ha
na menhwé wo
dane dane wo ho
tedé sansa akroma
fe wo se kakra
ma ne nsó m’akoma
Ódó ben me o
Ódó ben me o

Ódó kasa
Ódó bra ha
Bé tena me nkyén
Sesei menka no sén?

Ódó kasa
Ma m’akoma
énto me yam
Ódó ben me o
kyeré me ódó o…

English Translation:

My love speak
and stem my tears
It is only you
who deserves my love
dodging truths
well that just won’t do
Tell me something
Tell me love

My Love
come near
So I may admire you
Turn yourself around
like the hawk in a gyre
Smile that brilliant smile
Let it ignite my heart
Could you draw close
Puhlease draw close

My love come close
Speak to me
Sit with me
What else must I say?

My love, please speak
Let my heart
Settle in my chest
My love, come close
Give me love…

I sometimes forget I’m bilingual. Because English is an International language (and actually the first language I learnt), I forget that I, like most people in the world, have a working command of two languages.

If you still have problems with reading the poem after all the trouble I put into the phonetics guide, send me a mail ( I will personally record a reading of the poem and send it back to you.

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Thanks for reading this far. 🙂


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