We drew lines
With our minds
On the floor
And in the sky
Double lines
Round our souls
So we don’t trip
And we don’t fall
And those lines
Turn to walls
We build them higher
Build them tall
So that we’re near
And yet we are
so far away
Like Jupiter and Mars
We drew lines
Around our hearts
Around our minds
So many times
We got confused
And so we used
Both blue and red
And red was blood
And the blood
Became a sea
Look how the blood
Has stained our dreams
We tried so hard
To stem our fears
Decked them with stars
Like Jupiter and Mars
Look at the time
How it flies
First we were young
And then we grow
Learn of the lines
And we swear
That we are never
Going there
But then we change
Colored with jade
Do we see,
What we’ve become
Victims of lines
That drew more lines
Till we were Red
Like Jupiter and Mars
So many stars
Like little scars
up in the sky
It’s what we are
you disagree?
Look at yourself
Look at your neighbor
Tell me that
these lines are gone
All of these lines
Cutting hearts
Making scars
Like tiny stars
Jading our minds
So that we’re near
But far apart

Like Jupiter and Mars


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