Design Diaries: The Rising, ChibiFied







I occasionally feel the urge to create. If I don’t kill that urge, I get slightly depressed (does that make me homicidal?). Recently my mind was like: “Hey, let’s do drawings of the constellation of characters in The Rising.” (in case you don’t know about The Rising, read the story here, or check related post under the “Fiction” tab up there.)

Turns out I can’t draw as good as I think I can in my head. So I hopped over to Google to learn how to draw Japanese style chibi. Here is the first one I did:
Spider SketchSpider (real name: Temi Adeola) is a reality twisting Magus with a strange past which includes patricide. She kinda-sorta saved the life of Carlos, below, and he is eternally grateful.


This is Carlos, he’s a sad chap at the moment, he was just dumped rather unceremoniously at a very public event. That thing circling around him? That’s fluidized Alchemycal metal (Again, more details on the events surrounding the image here)

Will be back with more in the near future, well… as long as I don’t get bogged down by my day job.




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