This blog was written by Kwesi Woode and is collection of literary works, random musings and a little bit of graphic content.

Kwesi Woode was born on the dawn of the 90’s in Kumasi, Ghana. He is civil engineer by profession, an entrepreneur by choice and a multi-medium artist by birth. Kwesi loves writing, sleeping, drawing, lolcats, cooking, watching Korean, American and Japanese drama, series and manga. He hates math, the daylight hours between 5 and 11am, Mondays and waking up.

Kwesi usually likes to tell people that he wrote his first ever story when he was at the tender age of 6, and that it was accounted a junior novelist’s masterpiece. Said piece and the book it was written in were burnt by accident so there is no evidence to disprove his claim.

He is currently pursuing a Masters of Philosophy in Civil Engineering with a focus on Environmental Health (because he is, apparently, too smart for his own good), and lives in the City of his birth.  He dreams of travelling the world… and making a lot of money.

As an aside, he is referred to by some by his proper title: Supreme Overlord and Genius Immortal Potentate of the 9 realms of Yggdrasil. He does not mind it at all if you choose to refer to him in this manner.


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