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I occasionally feel the urge to create. If I don’t kill that urge, I get slightly depressed (does that make me homicidal?). Recently my mind was like: “Hey, let’s do drawings of the constellation of characters in The Rising.” (in case you don’t know about The Rising, read the story here, or check related post under the “Fiction” tab up there.)

Turns out I can’t draw as good as I think I can in my head. So I hopped over to Google to learn how to draw Japanese style chibi. Here is the first one I did:
Spider SketchSpider (real name: Temi Adeola) is a reality twisting Magus with a strange past which includes patricide. She kinda-sorta saved the life of Carlos, below, and he is eternally grateful.


This is Carlos, he’s a sad chap at the moment, he was just dumped rather unceremoniously at a very public event. That thing circling around him? That’s fluidized Alchemycal metal (Again, more details on the events surrounding the image here)

Will be back with more in the near future, well… as long as I don’t get bogged down by my day job.




Why I can’t love you

Hey D.C.
Don’t you hate me
I got a lot of stress now
And I can’t be
Coming around you every time
You been spending all my dimes
I don’t really think that you love me

D.C. above refers to Dansoman Community, a neighborhood within the City of Accra. The City of Accra is the Administrative, Commercial and Judicial Capital of the Republic of Ghana. It has expanded rapidly and engulfed neighboring towns, now even exceeding the boundaries of the Greater Accra Region of which it also Regional Capital.

And Kumasi
We may get messy
You be my Barcelona
Give you best feat
I’ve been taking time to grow
I’ve been breaking
I be broke
I don’t really think that you love me

Kumasi (or Kumase), now capital of the Ashanti Region, is the ancient capital city of the pre-colonial Asante Empire. It is still the capital of the (much smaller) Asante Kingdom; centered in Manhyia which loosely translates to “where the State/Kingdom meets”.

Hello Tema
Let’s be real Ma
You been by backbone
I’ve just been a tumor
Maybe I’ve been doing things
That and seven deadly sins
And Now
I really don’t think you should love me

Tema, close to the City of Accra, is the home of the Tema Harbour. A planned community project by Ghana’s first president, Kwame Nkrumah, it also sits right squarely on the Greenwich Meridian.

Tell me Kof Town
Can we get down?
On the other hand
I’ll just be a let down
I pluck your flowers errday
But I won’t be here to stay
I really don’t think I can love you

Koforidua, aka Kof Town, is the highest Regional capital in Ghana (Capital of the Eastern Region). It is also said to have the densest distribution of beautiful girls in Ghana; Koforidua’s Flowers.

Hey Cape Coast
What you don’t know
Won’t kill you
It’s been tough since Gold coast
You got a lot of honeys
Needing a lot of money
I got nothing so you’ve been a no show

Cape Coast was once known Cabo Corso.  It was the original capital of the Gold Coast before the capital city was moved to the City of Accra.

And Tamale
What’s the hurry?
We’ve been hanging out
Since Atari
We been to a lot of parties
You have been my favorite lady
But you haven’t yet told me you love me

Tamale, formerly adminstrative Capital of the Northern Territories of the Gold Coast, is the flattest City in Ghana. It is now capital City of the Northern Region.

Tell me Sunyani
Why you always talking money
So you’re industrious
But you’re not very funny
You can’t follow any jokes
You don’t understand ‘bespoke’
How did you ever think that I could love you?

Sunyani is said to be the cleanest City in Ghana. It’s also close to the historical town of Techiman, once center of the Gyaman State, the spiritual home of all Akan tribes including the Asante, Fante and Baoulé.

Slim as a hangar
I like slim
But you remind me of hunger
I put a baby in your oven
Then you gave it to a coven
I’m way too scared to even love you

Bolgatanga, aka Bolga, is another Ancient Ghanaian settlement. It was at the southernmost tip of Trans-Saharan trade during the Pre-colonial era.

Pretty young Wa
You’re too young girl
Don’t even come closer
You are just a little sister
Really nice to meet you
You are lovely but I can’t love you

Wa, brackets with Ho as one of the places in Ghana with the shortest place-name. It also shares with Bolga, the honour of being one of Ghana’s youngest Regional Capitals

And then we come to…
Technically, A Ho
I know you’ve changed
But history is ugly
Get me wrong or get me right
I really do not mind
You and I?
Never. We can’t be

Ho and it’s nearby sister city Hohoe were originally part of Togoland, a German territory ceded to the British and the French after the first world war. The British bit (Trans-Volta Togoland) voted to join Ghana after independence as the Volta Region.

O so naughty
You’ve been my girl
But you can’t be my wifey
Mom and Daddy both complain
They say,
This your girl she is insane
I am sorry. I cannot love you

Takoradi, aka T’adi, is twin-town to neighbouring Sekondi (even though Takoradi is smidge bigger). Together, the two towns form the City of Sekondi-Takoradi, capital city of Ghana’s Western Region


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SEGT: Scene 2 Prewriting

Hello mine underlings of the 9 realms of Yggdrasil ( see the about page for an explanation of that craziness)

Two nights ago I was struck by inspiration at the witching hour, for scene 2 of the Silver eyes golden torcs (SEGT) serial anthology. Read scene 1 on wattpad [here]

Relax. The witching hour is nothing supernatural, it’s just a time frame between 0100 and 0400 where I’m half dreaming and half awake. I borrowed the term from Roald Dahl’s ‘The Big Friendly Giant’.

I got my trusty iPad stylus and jotted down the ideas that came to me. This was one of the concrete ones that developed (Sorry. My handwriting is rather atrocious) :

IMG_0256Translation (for those of you who don’t read Scribblish) – Begin with: Aya, the left half of my heart, the right half of my soul, has left. She didn’t just leave me. She left any hope for an US.

I also scribbled down the format I would take on this scene. I went for a T-minus countdown slash first person journal kind of vibe. See below:IMG_0255Translation: 3 days to go, 2 days to go, 16h 25mins to go. A counter begins in my head… 682 days to go.

I’ll post a preview of scene two on this blog by 1900 GMT…hopefully. The full scene (short story) will only be available on wattpad [search for me on wattpad: @kwesiwoode].

SEGT is a dystopic parody of real world events, even though it is social/political science fiction. I’ll probably post the core, real world event that inspired each scene on this blog as we go along.


WRITING TIP: Pre-write, Speed-write, Post-write and then Edit and Review. This five step process can save a lot time. It’s also a sort of vaccine against major attacks of writers block (the minor ones like the: I-need-a-perfect-word-for-this migraine may still persist. If symptoms persist for more than 3 days, see your Mentor)

I have seen many forms of pre-writing, but ultimately, I believe you have to pick a style of pre-writing that you are comfortable with.

Will talk more about the five step process later…. and now I realize that with just this one post I have created a tall list of blog posts that I have to write (sweatdrop and shivers).




The Rising: Scene 1 Now online!

After a lot of thinking and consideration, I decided to publish the first tetrad (set of 4 short story scenes) of ‘The Rising’ on wattpad. Take a look at it here.

I have already done pre-writing for 3 tetrads and initial manuscripts for the first 6 scenes. Check out a preview paragraph from the second scene here.

Will be posting previews, background and commentary only on this blog so… if you like the story, follow me here. Please also follow me on wattpad (@kwesiwoode) [insert puppy dog eyes].