Design Diary 1

I don’t know whether it’s the loss of pressure from a whole lot of things I was bothering about (even though I probably shouldn’t have), but the flood-gates are open. Figuratively of course, my creativity is running riot.

Call it right-brain mania if you will, whatever it is, it’s like pure liquid fire, and the timing couldn’t have been better. I have a chance to doodle some costume bits for an event, I can’t say exactly what of course, it’s a top-secret-for-you-eyes-only-double-o-seven kinda thing. I have my fingers crossed right now hoping my concepts will make it (OK, my toes at the moment, very difficult to cross fingers when typing). I will reveal the costume sketches as soon as the hush-hush isn’t necessary.

I will however reveal the sketches for my randomly-created-when-I-had-nothing-particularly-important-to-do concept collection. 🙂


That is, as soon as I am done finalizing them

*whew* Just got rid of a lot of nervous energy.


P.S., poetry:

too far away

yet too near to cry

there is the pain that’d make u wish

u never had tears in your eyes



You feel the cut

the ice and the fire

the longest single moment

is you saying goodbye